Favorite Black Heels

Favorite Black Heels

Black heels are essential in any woman’s wardrobe. Many may think, “It’s a black shoe, you only need one pair right?” WRONG! Black shoes for women come in a variety of fabrics, patterns, heel heights, styles, i mean, the list virtually goes on and on. I posted a few of my favorite black shoes purchased during the Fall and Winter season for 2012-2013. Each shoe shows a different trend going on in the fashion season right now. The first shoe on the top left is a perfect wedge, gives great support, but is completely non-traditional, and includes a clear strip detail on-top that adds a bit of flare to the shoe. Secondly, ankle booties are also a must have this season! You can wear them so many different ways with a variety of outfits. Thirdly, we have the infamous “mary-jane” styled heel. This heel is super cute with a classic tailored pants suit for work, or, could also be worn with jeans and a cute top for a dinner out with the girls. Lastly, is the newest trend in shoes this season. Famously seen on Lady Gaga, these heel-less shoes have been all the rage this in the fashion world. The shoes appear to be difficult to walk in, but surprisingly have the same stability one would get from wearing a wedge. I believe every girl should have at least one pair of these in their closet. The wedge-less heels are a great way to bring a funky personality to any outfit. So ladies, just like the perfect black dress is an essential in every woman’s closet, so is the perfect black pair of shoes.


One thought on “Favorite Black Heels

  1. Chatan says:

    Love love love!!!!

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